Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Multiple Births

I remember when I was pregnant with my boys how I loved them, even before I saw them. And while I enjoyed being pregnant, I couldn't wait to see their sweet faces, hear their voices, watch them learn how to walk, talk and move about in this great big world. Over the years as we moved from one season to the next, I began to realize that I would 'give birth' to them several times. Part of my job, as a mom, is to prepare them and 'deliver' them to the next phase of their lives...kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, career, marriage, parenthood. 

Delivery is always hard work. Focusing through the contractions that begin preparing you for the transition. Ugh...the transition! Having everything in place and then, that brief period of waiting for the time to PUSH. And OH the intensity, the pain of the pushing that will bring separation. Which you long for and fear at the same time. In the first birth, the reward for the pain is seeing his sweet face, hearing his voice, watching his wide eyes take in the new world he's entered. And the first time you hold him in your arms and he settles when he hears your voice and stares at you in wonder, your heart explodes with a love you've never known before. 

Each and every subsequent birthing process is similar...the focus, the preparation, the transition, the pushing. But the reward is vastly different. Watching your son walk into and observe the new world he's entering, hearing him find his voice, soothes the mother's soul. Releasing him into the life God has ordained for him, seeing him search for and settle when he hears the voice of the Holy Spirit, causes your love, trust and faith in your creator to multiply exponentially.  As you realize that your love, dreams and desires for him cannot rival the love and plan God has for every day of his life.

Deep breath in and blow it out, Mom. God's got him.

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